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where YOU take control of your health, not your doctor

This website encompasses my journey as a whole health advocate, as I extend to you the reader a better way to take control of your health and live. It's my hope to help you learn an alternative way of life that will permeate your entire living experience as you practice healthier ways to live, and move on to implement them daily on a regular basis. Only in this way will you're life become effectively impacted in a lasting positive way. These healthy changes in mind and body will bring forth a better quality living experience, that only you are in charge of, whatever your age.

Hopefully, this site will contribute to your awareness of the fact that the state of your health is a direct reflection of the choices you've made daily, concerning diet and lifestyle. That you will see things like infertility, heart disease, many cancers and much more, are unequivocally connected to your food and lifestyle choices. I’d like you become aware that it’s you that’s in charge of your health, not your doctor or any pharmaceutical drug.

I invite you to follow these pages to explore a new vision for your life, one that puts you at the helm. You have nothing to lose, except possibly some weight along with a few doctor visits!

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Improving Memory and Brain Function Naturally

brainWith a family health history that includes nervous system disorders like Parkinson's and dementia, I've been able to sense my own mortality in regard to my own neurological well being as I've aged. I've noticed as I've approached pre-menopause, that my memory is not as sharp as it once was, and I've felt a sense of being more easily overwhelmed than I once was as a younger person. Being the health and wellness, alternative health freak that I am, I've taken it upon myself to remedy this issue on my own, and am pleased with the results of what I've done. A few of those ways to improve brain function for myself are as follows.

See: How to Improve Brain Function


Mindful Stress Relief with Simple Activities

stressed dudeReducing stress with mindfulness is probably the easiest way to work with yourself in your quest to be more focused and of sound mind. I find it to be the easiest way for me to decrease the stress of the day, mostly due to the fact that virtually any activity of daily life can be approached in a more mindful way. Mindfulness is a healing and helpful way to walk through life, and it can easily become habitual. Some of my ideas follow.

See: Reducing Stress with Mindfulness


4 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

yoga ladyStress relievers come in many sizes, shapes and manifestations. At one time or another, we all are in need of calling upon them to help us cope, maintain, and manage our stress levels. In the September issue of Prevention magazine, you'll find a number of helpful natural ways to relieve stress and keep stress triggers at a minimum, helping you to experience a better quality life.

See: Natural Ways to Relieve Stress


Enjoy Your Meals More with Good Food Combinations

Lyn Vaccaro In my experience, I've run into very few people who give any thought or credence to the role that poor food combining plays with regard to indigestion. Foods that are incompatible once they've reached the inside of the stomach and combined with the gastric acids can be the source of frequent discomfort. However, in my own health experience I have found that using proper food combining can be the difference between feeling comfortable and pain free after meals, or suffering with heartburn and indigestion.

See: Prevent Indigestion with Proper Food Combining


Eating More Veggies Just Got Easier!

Lyn Vaccaro With six girls in our house, three of them being teens, we have a constant flow of Seventeen magazine streaming through the house. I rarely give them (the magazines) a second glance, but the latest issue had a few really healthy recipes in it that were too enticing for me not to try. I wanted to share them with my readers because they incorporate more vegetables in the dishes than meat, and if you're someone who's trying to eat healthier at times without doing a radical overhaul on your lifestyle, then these three recipes would fit the bill nicely. They're not short on taste either!

See: 3 Easy Recipes that Add Vegetables to Your Diet


Effective Ways to Minimize Morning Chaos!

Lyn Vaccaro There are a number of things I've implemented throughout the years as the kids have aged in an attempt to keep order, peace and harmony in our home in the mornings. I don't know if it's just me but the older they've become, the more chaotic it's become. As they've aged and gained the ability to care for themselves, shouldn't the pace have slowed a bit? Well, that's what I thought would happen, but boy, was I way off. Silly me. So, I thought I'd share some of the tips that I've found to be effective in keeping the harmony flowing through the house in those delicate early morning hours when tempers flare and mouths do too! Especially if someone was up late with homework! YIKES!

See: Parenting Tips--Ways to Make School Mornings Less Hectic

Natural Approaches for Conceiving Twins Whether You're Younger or of Advanced Maternal Age

Lyn & Sergio Twins are such a great conversation piece and there are plenty of couples who find themselves really desiring them. If twins run in your family your chances of conceiving them will be increased, but if they don't and twins are something you have always wanted, there are some natural approaches you can try to get yourself closer to making the dream a reality.

See: Tips for Naturally Conceiving Twins

Natural Remedies to Improve Stress Can Also Improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Summer Salid My husband was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in 1996. Stress is a huge factor in the manifestation of this condition, as stated by his gastrointestinal doctor and that certainly was the case for my husband back then when he was struggling to run his own business. Once the diagnosis came down, I began to put my nutritional background to use, thinking about natural remedies to help improve the stress and IBS that was causing such extreme symptoms for him.

See: Those with IBS may want to consider one or more of these natural remedies.


Eating Smaller Meals More Frequently Can Promote Better Health!

raw food The September 2010 issue of Prevention's article regarding eating smaller meals or (grazing) on "real food", as raw food enthusiast and author Dr. Sears, survivor of colon cancer puts it, couldn't be more on target. Not when it comes to what will create vibrant glowing health that restores and refreshes our bodies on a daily basis. In Dr. Sears article, he boldly touts the benefits of how to be healthy on raw food.

See: How to Be Healthy with Raw Foods


Cancer Prevention Made Easy!

Lyn Vaccaro There are a number of easy ways to prevent cancer, all of which require some commitment to a few healthy practices. If you're someone who's not afraid to make a commitment to keep yourself healthy these next few suggestions won't be any problem for you to practice at all. When I owned and operated my own health food store, I always preached about the benefits of practicing some preventative measures to thwart off cancer. After all, that's a lot easier than fighting it off once it's started right? Here were a few of the suggestions I made throughout my time in that business.

See: 4 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer


Staying Hydrated--A Natural Blood Thinner to Prevent Heart Attacks!

Lyn Vaccaro Often, people think that winter is probably the most risky season for those with cardiac problems and heart disease, and the winter months can be dangerous for those facing heart disease. However, summertime can be as risky for those with heart trouble as well due to the oppressive heat that can cause dehydration resulting in thicker blood and raising your risk for a heart attack. Here's some easy tips to stay hydrated and lower your heart attack risk.

See: Tips to Stay Hydrated and Lower Your Heart Attack Risk


Not Only Healthy...Tasty Too!

raw food As an avid Body and Soul reader, I find so many recipes that are absolutely scrumptious and satisfying. This month's issue wasn't any different when I ran across some great tasting healthy snack ideas to die for. These recipes are such a good combination of healthy and tasty, you won't feel a bit of remorse while you're indulging yourself!

See: 6 Healthy Snack Ideas from Whole Foods


Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Achieve Pregnancy!

Pregnancy Fertility problems can lead many couples to their demise. The longer it goes on the more likely it will become for anxiety and depression to take hold . Often, it can lead to permanent marital damage. However, there are a number of simple measures that can be taken to improve fertility naturally without a lot of time and expense invested in trying to achieve pregnancy, and hopefully take some of the stress off of the marriage. I am living proof that these measures are effective after implementing these things upon turning 40 years of age and experiencing multiple miscarriages.

See: Easy Ways to Improve Fertility


Fluoride - a Potent Force to Be Reckoned With

Lyn Vaccaro In our culture the use of fluoride is something we've become comfortable with in our toothpastes, and drinking water. We also see it freely used by dentists as they put trays full of fluoridated substances in our mouths at the dentists office when we have maintenance check ups and other dental work done. As an alternative health practitioner, I've learned a lot about fluoride that's got me wondering how this chemical halogen has done so well for itself as it's made it's way into such large areas of human life. This stuff is nothing to mess with and here's why.

See: Fluoride Toothpaste and Fluoridated Drinking Water: Do We Need to Be Concerned?


Improve Brain Function with B-Complex

Lyn Vaccaro The status of our own mental health is something we have more power over than we give ourselves credit for. Truth be told, much of our own mental health reflects the state of affairs the rest of our body may be in. If we've neglected eating well and staying active our body as well as our mind and mental wellness will all become compromised. If you're feeling a bit on the low bluesy side mentally, positive lifestyle changes will help turn things around along with some of our body's best friends known as the B vitamins.

See: B-Vitamin Deficiency and Mental Illness


Tips for Beginner Vegetarians

summer salid Going vegetarian may seem a bit extreme for a lot of folks. For myself, it seemed to come rather natural. Then from there I dove in a bit further to become an 80% rawist. It's not that easy for everyone though. Especially those that are considering this lifestyle in mid-life. After so many years of eating the standard American diet, this sort of change seems a bit drastic. In the latest, issue of Body and Soul, a great outline for those trying to implement this sort of diet was laid down, and as manageable as they made it sound, I thought I'd share the info.

See: Easy Ways to Become Vegetarian


Making Family Meals Fun is Just a Game Away!

Lyn Vaccaro Getting the whole family pinned down in one place long enough to have a family meal can prove to be one of the most challenging tasks of our modern day living. Between appointments, after school activities, homework, and let's see, have I left out anything? You barely get time to eat much less sit down with the entire family for a pleasant family dinner.

See: Parenting Tips: How to Make Family Meals Fun


Prolong Shelf Life of Food and Save Money!

Lyn Vaccaro It's always a race to get food eaten before it spoils or rots isn't it? If we could just make it all last a little longer right? Well, isn't it fitting that the September 2010 issue of Prevention has a great article written by Veronika Ruff that is devoted to just that topic. What's more is it touches on how to increase shelf life on food items that you wouldn't think of as things that have issues regarding spoilage.

See: How to Increase the Shelf Life of Food